6. DDD Olympus Interlude

August 26, 2017

The gang gets to Olympus with Ian and the Musketeers. They meet the tinker gnomes Snap, Gringle, and Pop that are working on the Muskelators at the base of Olympus. Dave avoids being their test subject and being thrown into the side of the mountain. Gallexsy finally gets some chips from Betha on the way up the mountain. Once up top the group gets a quick tour of the Musketeers’ home base. They try out the base’s training pool with little success, they barter for some ponies, and they meet the Musketeers’ leader, Doc. She tells them that she and Ian are originally from Atlantis and formed the Musketeers to fight powerful evil creatures as she believes they are being summoned around the world deliberately. She offers to get the group back home as quickly as she can, but would like them to come back and help them with the larger fight to save the world. “Welcome to the Musketeers!” She says.


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