Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

Adventure Log

April 4, 2019


Curt Bolin - Dungeon Master
Birdie Bolin - Gallexsy, the Elven Wizard
Samantha Bolin - Meme, the Elven Druid
Matt Lane (Sometimes Guest Player) - Dave/Deb, the Halfling Cleric

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Christopherson - ancient evil creature bent on destroying the world
Eltor - Ancient black dragon that destroyed Xiloscient, the elven captial
Pandjed "Jed" Verthisathurgiesh - Dragon born Barbarian
Greg - Teenage deputy of Westmin, has taken over magic shop in Mount Olympus
Doc - Human leader of the Musketeers at Olympus
Ian - Human Commander of the Musketeers at Olympus
Blondie - Tinker Gnome, musket builder for the Musketeers at Olympus
Rusty - Dwarven Rogue, someone claiming to be Rusty in brig of Olympus
Betha - Human Ranger, fights with a musket and has the munchies
Gerald - Halfling Sorcerer, old friend and mentor of Dave's. Died protecting group from werewolves.
Guy - Portly fisherman from Westmin, wears a pot for a helmet
Wyatt - Knight from the southern kingdom of Miam
Sarge - leader of the stranded men from Atlantis
Hethress - copper dragon born woman first encountered in dwarven city
Tarhun - green dragon born man, the "Diviner", sits on council
Greethen - white dragon born man, mushroom farmer, sits on council
Jink - red dragon born, a former guard for the fire giant Zelane

32. DDD Olympus Interlude 2

Back in Mount Olympus, a lot has changed for our heroes. The group gets a week of downtime in Olympus and spends the time shopping, exploring, and talking to folks on what has changed since they’ve been gone. The first big change is that Dwarven soldiers from the Fireforge nation have moved into the Musketeers’ headquarters and have erected a small fortress around the entrance to Mount Olympus. Once the group explains that they are Meme, Gallexsy and Dave, the three musketeers, they are let in very quickly. Other visual changes are that there are just more dwarves everywhere in Olympus now, greatly outnumbering the Musketeers. After speaking with Doc, the leader of the Musketeers, the group gets more information on what King Fireforge did to help set up the Musketeers, and is now coming in with his soldiers to wield more influence - specifically to make sure that the dwarves are getting a good share of the gold and magical items that the Musketeers come across. This wasn’t much of an issue until recently when the Musketeers were made flush with the gold and magical items of the Elven kingdom after Gallesxy, Dave and Meme dispatched the ancient black dragon Eltor. After the realization that the dwarves would be very interested in the magical axe the group had used to get home, Dave rushes back to his quarters to realize where he had carelessly stored the axe and finds that someone has taken it.

During this week, the group also finds out that they’ve actually been gone for about a 3 month period, and a lot of people thought that they had abandoned them, but Jed kept saying that they would be back. Jed (the now older Jed) greets and hugs all of them warmly when he first sees them. The group also takes a trip down to the dungeons to talk with “Rusty”, or at least the thing in the dungeons that was posing as Rusty. It turns out that this creature is a Doppelganger that was impersonating the dwarf Rusty, and was sent by Christopherson to spy on the group.

During their shopping trips, Meme gets a pet chicken, that she names Mr. Bokbok. Gallexsy gets a pet Corgi that she names Abbey. Dave buys a couple of magical potions. Also during the week, Gallexsy manages to put together some dead body parts of corgis and other dogs that she uses to make a flesh golem she names “Boom” (after the boom of electricity needed to bring the stitched together pile of flesh to life).


31. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 10

Continuing down the miles of stairs on Zelane’s side of the mountain, the group finds Jink again. After some back and forth, everyone decides to continue on with the previous agreement since Jink knows the quickest way down to the treasure room. Leading the group through the mountain, and some cold weapon forges as Zelane has apparently lost interest in them, Jink brings our heroes to the fabled treasure horde of Zelane the Fire Giant.

Using the keys and mage hand, Gallexsy gets the doors open and the group sneaks inside before they are discovered by the roving packs of guards. Inside the group is met with piles of gold, weapons, armor, and magical items. Sitting in the middle, on a large heap of treasure, sits an oversized elaborate battle axe. This is the magical relic believed to be able to bring the group home through space and time.

Dave manages to grab the axe, but Meme can’t help herself and grabs a cloak from a nearby pile of treasure. This causes some coins to shift and growls are heard coming out of the dark. The group also realizes that this treasure room has been covered with an anti-magic field, so their spells will not work on whatever is growling at them. Jink conveys to the group how he had forgotten about the Guard Drakes that the main villain Christopherson had given to Zelane. The Guard Drakes are a sort of black dragon/dog hybrid, and they slink out of the darkness to take care of the intruders.

After a mad dash for the door, and some quick use of their pistols, the three musketeers and young Jed manage to get out of the treasure room with the magical axe. They dispatch the rest of the Guard Drakes with their now accessible magic. It’s at this time that they get surprised by a large bellow from the other side of the cavern. Zelane the Fire Giant screams at them in fury and charges at them. Zelane is not quite what the group expected, seeing as he has also been turned into a 18 foot tall vampire!

Gallexsy is able to cast her fear spell on Zelane, and surprisingly it works and sends him howling in the other direction. This gives the group just enough time to say goodbye to young Jed, and to activate the magical axe. After a magical flash, the group finds themselves back on top of Mount Olympus, only to be confronted by six dwarven guards that lower their weapons at them.


30. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 9

While everyone else runs away from the fire giant Hagitha (especially their paid guide, Jink), Gallexsy stays behind and tries to talk to the giant. Hagitha reveals that there is something wrong with Zelane, and it’s caused by a creature named Christopherson. A name that the musketeers have heard a number of times leading up to this. The black dragon Eltor mentioned how Christopherson was responsible for bringing him out of his slumber. After not liking some of Gallexsy’s answers, and obviously not a fan of chips and salsa, Hagitha charges at Gallexsy with two gigantic shields filled with fiery embers!

Gallexsy turns on her heel and runs for her life. Meme casts her grasping vine spell to slow Hagitha down in the hall, and the group manages to get out of her lair and back to the mammoth stair case leading down. They get a large enough lead that they are able to hide in Gallexsy’s magical tiny hut. Hagitha sees them from up above and starts to throw boulders at them. Seeing that she’s not able to hit them from that far away, she charges down without her shields.

Dave is able to wound Hagitha with his guardian of faith spell, and this encourages the group that they may be able to take her. Charging out of the tiny hut, the group jumps the giant and are able to take her down, and keep her from falling down the stair well. They are able to get their hands on the giant key to Zelane’s treasure hold, which is supposed to hold a magical item that can send our three heroes home.


29. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 8

The group follows a snowy path through the mountains and comes to a familiar door: a wide low door that looks like it was made for a large number of dwarves to march through, but this door is closed and locked. Searching the area, Gallexsy finds the dragonborn guard that she had scared away earlier in the guard tower. He was hiding in a small cave next to the door. His name is Jink, and he offers aid to the group if they are willing to pay. Jink shows them that the key to get in is to be a dwarf, so he shows them where they keep a magically preserved frozen dwarf to open the door.

Once inside, the group makes another deal with Jink to show them around inside the mountain, for more gold of course. Jink doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy of people, but as long as there is gold involved he seems willing to help, and it doesn’t put himself into too much danger.

He leads the musketeers down another large spiral stair case in this mountain. A ways down they come to an odd landing that looks like a modification to the stone work not done by dwarven hands, that leads to a large tunnel. Intense heat waifs from the tunnel. Jink explains that this is where Hagitha is stationed. Hagitha is Zelane’s right-hand woman, and is a powerful fire giant that guards this area of the mountain. The group decides to move on, but then double backs when Jink lets it slip that she has keys the keys to Zelane’s treasure room.

The group sneaks into her lair, with their movements and sounds masked by Meme’s Pass Without a Trace spell. They find the fire giant napping in a large chair in front of a blazing hearth. Gallexsy is able to use mage hand to pick-pocket a key off of Hagitha. She does it again to get a second key. But on the third key, Hagitha awakens and screams in fury!


28. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 7

We pick up right where we had left off at the top of the guard tower. Dave and Gallexsy pursued the last guard to the top of the tower where he locked himself behind a trap door. Eventually Gallexsy is able to talk him into opening the door, but when Dave looks in, the guard tries to spring a surprise attack. Dave is too quick for him and is able to roll into the room and knock the guard unconscious.

At the same time, the guard that Gallexsy had banished returns, and he charges up the stairs to help the other guard. The second guards slashes out at Gallexsy and hurts her quite badly. Gallexsy then casts fear on the guards, causing him to drop his weapon and run away screaming for his life.

Searching the now guard less tower, the group finds an old rotted dwarven body on the parapet of the tower. The body looked like the dwarf had died at his post. The dwarf was from a long forgotten kingdom and clan.

Jed is able to cross the bridge with the groups ponies and meets back up with them in the tower. Having everyone across the ravine, they are now finally to head into the fire giant Zelane’s side of the mountain.


27. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 6

Gallexsy manages to fly Meme (as a bunny) and Dave across the ravine and land next to the guard tower unseen. There is a puzzle to unlock the door that Gallexsy unintentionally completes very quickly, and the trio sneak inside. Once inside the tower, they easily find the lever that controls the bridge and immediately send it into motion. The movement of the bridge causes cacophonous clanks to ring out across the tower and the mountain. This draws the attention of the guards inside the tower. The group quickly hides and then realizes that there are only two red dragon born guards that are in the tower.

The group tries parlaying with the guards, but this goes south very quickly as the group wasn’t as charming as they would have hoped. Gallexsy uses a banishment spell on one of the guards, and the other guard dashes back up the stairs moving up the tower.

After turning the bridge back on, Dave takes off running in hot pursuit, with Gallexsy not far behind. Meme, still in bunny form, hops behind not seemingly into too much of a hurry to catch up. Dave and Gallexsy use spells to try and stop or slow the guard down, but he’s able to get away from at the last minute.


26. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 5

The group heads to the underdark away from the dragonborn village. Young Jed takes them through multiple caves and passages to an ancient entrance that appears to be carved by dwarves. It's covered by depictions of dwarves fighting other dwarves on it. Once in the entrance, Jed notices that the other side of the room has been caved in. Before the group can escape Dave accidentally triggers a trap and the trio is sealed inside!

Poisonous gas pumps into the room. Meme quickly decides to plug the holes on the statues in the room. There are just enough of them to get to each statue and plug the holes. One small problem is that Dave is too short to reach all the holes on his statue. Gallexsy acts quickly and uses mage hand to plug the last hole on Dave's statue. The pressure of the gas builds up and causes the walls and doors to crack open, and the group quickly escapes.

Left with only one other way to get to the other side of the mountain, Jed takes the group up and up to what he refers to as the stairs. A large circular stair case that is two miles straight up is what the group has to contend with. Doing some smart planning, Meme turns into a bunny and hops into Gallexsy's arms. Gallexsy casts fly on Jed, who carries Dave, and the entire group is able to fly to the top of the stairs and the mountain.

Now on the top of the frozen mountain, the group heads out into snow drifts and biting wind. They finally come to a large ravine who's bottom is lost thousands of feet below in mist and snowy wind. On the other side of the ravine is what looks like some sort of mechanical contraption for a bridge, and a large tower that controls it. The tower is where Jed says the Fire Giant's guards will be. That is where the Dreadnaughts will be watching.


25. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 4

Thinking fast, Gallexsy uses mage hand to poke the Otyugh in the eyes and startles it out of its hiding place. Meme and her summoned beast, both in the form of a dinosaur, attack the Otyugh but immediately get wrapped up in the tentacles of the beast. Dave and Gallexsy join in the fight, but notice that Jed is not participating. Jed calmly stands back and watches how the group does, justifying that it’s their job and he wants to see what the group can do.

After struggling a little bit, and a few too many mage hands, the group finally takes down the Otyugh. Jed comes out and congratulates the group, and that is when a second Otyugh ambushes Jed from behind with a tentacle wrapping around his neck and lifting his kicking body into the air. The group doesn’t hold anything back this time and kills the second creature, but not before Jed takes a vicious bite to the side.

Having cleared the sunlit area of the monsters, the dragonborn villages should now be able to use the area for farming. And Jed will then be able to guide them to the other side of the mountain. Jed thanks the group for saving his life and expresses that he would be honored to show them the way and hopefully help the gang get back home.


24. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 3

After staying the night at Greethen’s house, the dragon born’s mushroom farmer, the gang heads further into the city to attend the city council where the elder dragon born will decide if they should help the three musketeers or not. When they arrive, they see that both Greethen and Tarhun are on the council, along with one other silver dragon born.

Gallexsy refuses to be helpful, and Dave has to listen to most of the meeting in draconic. From what he can gather, Tarhun and the silver dragon born are all for helping, especially since the group slayed the basilisk that was taking the village’s pigs. But then Greethen decides something else. This is when the group learns that the silver dragon born is Patrin, and his daughter was turned to stone by the basilisk. Patrin will now be able to restore her back to life since the basilisk was butchered and the beast’s stomach was salvaged to make a magical potion. However, this is also when the group learns that Greethen doesn’t expect the trio of heroes to survive the trip to the other side of the mountain and convinces everyone that we should get one more favor out of the group before they are sent to their deaths.

Our heroes are asked to slay another monster, a monster that has taken over an area of the village called “the sunlight.” This is an area that receives sunlight from the surface and is perfect for real farming. If Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave are able to kill the monster, called an Otyugh, then the village can use the area for farming and grow some real food. Meme agrees when it’s hinted that they might not be able to handle the challenge. Then, to Jed’s surprise, he’s volunteered by the council to lead the three musketeers to the sunlight and defeat the monster.

Jed agrees, even though he’s bleary eyed from losing a night’s sleep slaughtering the basilisk and pig, and leads the group on their ponies to the sunlight. It’s here that Meme sends in her summoned dinosaur, Clarence, to check out the area. While Clarence is in the sunlit area, something moves slightly and starts to track the dinosaur. While at first it looked like a vine, the thing slowly opens to reveal it’s lined with razor sharp claws, and has three large blinking eyes in the middle of it.

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