2. DDD In the Beginning…

June 13, 2017

Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave go with Westmin's Sheriff Varis to answer questions about the rash of robberies in Westmin.  At the sheriff's office they meat Greg, the teenage deputy, and Jed.  Jed is a dragon born that predicts the end of the world and tells the group to keep their eyes open for magic items.   The adventurers are cleared of all charges and go off to help track down the kobolds while Varis is off trying to find the mayor's lost children.  On the way they encounter a mysterious stranger that disappears and drops a magic Rod of Dragon Fear, that doesn't appear to have any effect on the group, but it does work on the stranger when Dave turns it on him.  The fleeing stranger leads the group to a cave, where many tracks lead in and out.


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