8. DDD Teeth and Sand, Part 2

September 27, 2017

The gang goes down to the brig to see this “Rusty” back from the dead.  He looks like the dwarf Rusty and knows a lot about Rusty.  While questioning the dwarf, a stranger attempts to steal Dave’s Rod of Dragon fear.  Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave are certain that Rusty is not Rusty but have no proof.  Doc reveals that she found out what happened to the group’s friend Jed back home, but the news only raises more questions.


7. DDD Teeth and Sand

September 14, 2017

Journeying back to the ancient ruins, Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave explore the area hoping to find something that will reactivate the platform that transported them thousands of miles away from their homes and friends.  They encounter monsters, traps, treasure, and more in the ruins as they try to find a way back to Westmin.  The fate of their friend Jed is still uncertain, and they find out about the return of a very unexpected Musketeer after they foolishly try out the Muskelators for the first time.


DDD Out of the Dungeon - 1

September 4, 2017

This is our first attempt at recording mobile on just a phone, so we’re calling this Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters - Out of the Dungeon!  So not a traditional episode.  We do a little bit of house keeping in that the girls got to level 3, and this is us going over how their characters changed with that new level.  If this sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to tune back in next week for episode 7!


6. DDD Olympus Interlude

August 26, 2017

The gang gets to Olympus with Ian and the Musketeers. They meet the tinker gnomes Snap, Gringle, and Pop that are working on the Muskelators at the base of Olympus. Dave avoids being their test subject and being thrown into the side of the mountain. Gallexsy finally gets some chips from Betha on the way up the mountain. Once up top the group gets a quick tour of the Musketeers’ home base. They try out the base’s training pool with little success, they barter for some ponies, and they meet the Musketeers’ leader, Doc. She tells them that she and Ian are originally from Atlantis and formed the Musketeers to fight powerful evil creatures as she believes they are being summoned around the world deliberately. She offers to get the group back home as quickly as she can, but would like them to come back and help them with the larger fight to save the world. “Welcome to the Musketeers!” She says.


5. DDD In the Beginning…

July 27, 2017

The group appears in a room surrounded by 30 armed soldiers.  They meet Ian, the commander of this unit that calls themselves the Musketeers.  They learn that the Musketeers are a newly formed group with the goal of protecting the planet from powerful evil creatures.  They also learn that they’ve been transported thousands of miles away from Westmin and from their friend Jed.  They are in some ancient ruins nestled in the mountains of the Dwarven Red Forge Kingdom.  Things start to go bad in the Musketeers camp.   After the gang saves Ian and the soldiers from a monster in the ruins, Ian invites them all back to their main base, Olympus, to try and figure out how the three adventurers might be able to get back to their friend and deal with the black dragon.


4. DDD In the Beginning…

July 13, 2017

Our adventurers lead the townsfolk into some ancient ruins on the outside of town for shelter from the dragon. The dragon destroys the Frowning Jester tavern with its acid breath. In exploring the ruins the group finds some magical items and an even more ancient complex deep underground. Jed, the dragon born, helps them and admits that his people sent him to help Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave as they are prophesied to save the world, or destroy it if Jed doesn't help. After a fight with a vampire and a valiant gesture from Jed, the group finds themselves surrounded by a room filled with armed soldiers.


3. DDD In the Beginning…

June 28, 2017

The group takes on a band of goblins and explores their hideout in a cave.  On one of the goblins they find a teddy bear, which they suspect belongs to one of the mayor’s children.  Pandjed, or Jed, meets up with the group to help after being released from jail and paying his fine.  After avoiding some traps Indiana Jones style, they find the children and return the stolen gold to the town of Westmin.  They celebrate with the town that evening, and things take a turn for the worst when someone yells out Dragon!


2. DDD In the Beginning…

June 13, 2017

Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave go with Westmin's Sheriff Varis to answer questions about the rash of robberies in Westmin.  At the sheriff's office they meat Greg, the teenage deputy, and Jed.  Jed is a dragon born that predicts the end of the world and tells the group to keep their eyes open for magic items.   The adventurers are cleared of all charges and go off to help track down the kobolds while Varis is off trying to find the mayor's lost children.  On the way they encounter a mysterious stranger that disappears and drops a magic Rod of Dragon Fear, that doesn't appear to have any effect on the group, but it does work on the stranger when Dave turns it on him.  The fleeing stranger leads the group to a cave, where many tracks lead in and out.


1. DDD In The Beginning…

June 7, 2017

Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave meet up in Episode 1!  They encounter some kobolds on the way to Westmin.  They discover that the kobolds have been sneaking into Westmin and stealing from the local residents.  In Westmin they return a stolen necklace to Helm Buckman and his daughter Miri Buckman, after getting a fantastic dancing demonstration from Helm, the ugliest man in Westmin!  The celebration is cut short as the group is taken in to custody by Valin, Westmin's local sheriff, who suspects that the group might have had something to do with the robberies.


0. DDD Episode 0

June 1, 2017

Episide 0!  Our first stab at recording and talking about the D&D show we're going to do.  No actual game play here, just a train wreck of a pod cast with eight-year-old girls!  We'll have our next episode up very soon with our first guest player and actually play some D&D&D!