5. DDD In the Beginning…

July 27, 2017

The group appears in a room surrounded by 30 armed soldiers.  They meet Ian, the commander of this unit that calls themselves the Musketeers.  They learn that the Musketeers are a newly formed group with the goal of protecting the planet from powerful evil creatures.  They also learn that they’ve been transported thousands of miles away from Westmin and from their friend Jed.  They are in some ancient ruins nestled in the mountains of the Dwarven Red Forge Kingdom.  Things start to go bad in the Musketeers camp.   After the gang saves Ian and the soldiers from a monster in the ruins, Ian invites them all back to their main base, Olympus, to try and figure out how the three adventurers might be able to get back to their friend and deal with the black dragon.


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